Hello world! So, I have to be honest. When this blog was nothing more than a pea-sized thought running around in the busy world of my brain, mixed into and lost within the hundreds of thousands of other thoughts much bigger than it, I was being selfish. I needed to break free, to grow, and to learn to really love and accept myself. I’m 27, dammit. It’s about time!

Okay. Maybe I’ll stop the rant there. Let me take you further back in time. (The thought of this blog happened only a couple of days ago, so that was barely back in time at all, but still!) Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had issues with my body. There’s no one to blame but myself. And maybe the media a little bit. But mostly myself! Growing up in Hollywood isn’t easy. Unless you’re blond and a size zero, of course. No matter how skinny I was, though, it just wasn’t enough…for me. I kept wanting to lose more weight, to be as thin as all the other girls, not just in the magazines and on television, but also the ones all around me. They were everywhere! As I grew older, this insecurity stuck with me. Still though, through all the years, I never really did a whole lot about my weight issues. Except bitch and moan. I’d start to work out here and there, sure, but it was never for long periods of time. And I NEVER gave up my food. I mean, I stopped eating meat early this year for the sake of the animals, not dieting. Let’s just face it. I love food and it means more to me than a skinny waist!

Okay, we’re back in 2012. December 12th to be exact. Maybe that’s too exact. Don’t feel the need to locate a time machine and go back in time. Whatever day and month it is for you (even if it’s next year), works just fine. Nowadays, in the media and the general world, we see a lot of love for those supermodel skinny girls (who I still envy, honestly). However, we’ve got a new soft spot. Women like Adele and Kelly Clarkson have made way for the curvy women of Hollywood. Heck, Christina Aguilera is happier and prettier now with the weight she’s put on than she was back during her “dirrty” days, in my opinion. Point is, we love the supermodels, we love the curvy ladies. But where’s the love for those of us that fall right between the two?

They say to never ask a woman her age or her weight. I disagree with both. I’ve already told you my age, and I’m about to tell you my weight! See, the problem is, I have stopped weighing myself lately. I don’t believe in numbers. (I’ve always been terrible at math!) I do know, though, that throughout my adult life, I’ve fluctuated between 110 to 130 pounds. Nowadays, I’m probably about 115, so let’s go with that. And so you have a better idea in your head, I’m 5’2″ (and a half).

So, let’s just go ahead and cut to the chase, shall we? I’ve created this blog as a way to get over my body issues. I want to accept my body. Curves and tummy pooch, and all. I also want to reach out to all my other average girls, who may or may not have body issues of their own. This will be a blog about fashion, food, drinks, tea, crafts, arts, music, nature, peace, beauty and love. (And my dog! Definitely my dog!) It’ll be a happy place. It’ll be home.

So join me. Kick off your shoes, loosen your tie, untie your hair, and relax. Maybe enjoy a cup of tea, because I almost always am. Maybe light some candles, nicely scented ones. Unwind, relax and let loose.

Please feel free to send me messages (I’m not sure if it notes my email address for you or not since I’m new here, so just in case, it’s with pictures, stories, website links or whatever else you’d like. I’m also here to just chat, if you want.

So, without further ado…welcome home. Check your judgment and criticism at the door, please.


Music. Peace. Love.


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